Want to be Amazing at Work? Here’s how.

There isn’t a special formula for you to be perform excellent at your job. If you lend me your ear for five minutes, I’ll tell you what I have learned and maybe it can help you too.

Looming Dentist Appointment

I don’t like going to the dentist. I would rather walk across a lawn filled with burweed. But I’m forced because of poor dental hygiene and bear the consequences.

Being Appreciated At My Job

I’ve been at my new job for a little over a month now. I am starting to see from the actions and attitudes of my coworkers on how they appreciate and respect me in my current role at the restaurant. You might think to yourself, “here he goes again, another blog post with drama”, but …

Success Is Easier With Teamwork!

Having a successful shift is easier with teamwork! I know first hand, because I had an awesome day, yesterday. And I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

That That Don’t Kill Me

The night was going smoothly for a while then a dark cloud moved in and a sense of failure and of loss of control took over. Defeat started to emerge.

Improving My Performance

Tonight was quite better than a few other days I worked at the restaurant. Things ran a little more smoothly even though we were busy and actually had more diners midweek than on a weekend. I basically managed every part of the shift surprisingly well. From the dining room, drive through, to WingStreet things went …

Impending Inspection

Sunday was a pretty good day, up until the part where the RGM called and said that we were being inspected. I was a little panicky but tried to be ready.

A Relentless Day

Today was very demanding! I was full speed ahead from the moment I stepped in the door at the restaurant. And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way! Today was amazing. I performed my duties like someone that’s been in the restaurant business for years! I waited on two big groups and …

A Statement I Do Not Understand

Today was a great day at work! I kept busy and before I knew it, it was already time for me to leave. If every day could be like today, just imagine what I could accomplish.

A Day of Factual

Today, I was able to do what I set out to do. It wasn’t perfect by no means, but it definitely was a learning experience. Today seemed like it passed so fast. I woke up and drove to work at Pizza Hut. I was there a few minutes before 9:00am this morning. I was a …