Untitled 2019•06•07

I’ve been working at Pizza Hut a little over 3 months. I like my job. Some of my coworkers seem to like working with me and life has been good.

Over 40lbs Lost and Feeling Good

I started my journey without the goal of losing any weight. Mighty big New Years Resolution to keep that I never made to myself.

Get Out of My Way

While some of my colleagues are guiding or following me, there are still a few that needs to bluntly, get out of the way.

Lumiday Luminite Day 5

I started taking Lumiday and Luminite to try and curb the anxiety and sleepless nights I have had. This is day 5 of my journey.

Difference Between Night & Day

I don’t usually take medication, but just out of curiosity I ordered Lumiday and Luminite. It actually made a difference for the first day.

Beating Myself Up

I am hard on myself all the time, even though I’m told that mistakes are part of learning. When someone that knows what they are talking about and tells me that what I did wasn’t right, I beat myself up. Sometimes it’s warranted, but even after being told it’s not a big deal and not …

Working as an Introvert

Here’s a small glimpse of what I live with every day as an introvert where I walk on eggshells in order to control my anxiety at work.

A Few Good People

If you were to ask me for a list of the best employees where I work. I would simply tell you to pay the restaurant a visit, literally anytime! I can not place anyone above or below another.

Shout Heard Around The Store

I’m going to tell you a short hypothetical story, and I want your input. No matter which side you take. You might not even take a side and go with an angle I haven’t thought of.

Want to be Amazing at Work? Here’s how.

There isn’t a special formula for you to be perform excellent at your job. If you lend me your ear for five minutes, I’ll tell you what I have learned and maybe it can help you too.