Get Out of My Way

I never would have guessed, in a million years, that I would have the opportunities I have been offered.

Pizza Hut hired me, and I have done my best to excel and learn everything that my RGM has presented me. But, now I have hit a brick wall. I’m kind of lost and I feel as I’m being held back and not being challenged.

Sure, I have had my ups and downs, but who hasn’t at their job? Some ordeals are overcome and a person is left gleaming and unscaved and other times a person is left licking their wounds. I don’t know if there is something that I have done that’s preventing me or something I should do in order to advance.

I feel as I have finally settled and it’s an uneasy feeling! I’m afraid that I will become complacent and disinterested.

I was posed the question the other day at work, “If I was to be offered an RGM position or higher, right now, what would my response be.” I thought about it a second to articulate my response. My answer was, “I appreciate the offer, I must decline on account there is still a lot that I have not learnt.” The person who asked seemed a little puzzled, but responded, “I would take it in a heartbeat.”

My reply was, “You would take a job that you aren’t trained for?”

I need to. somehow, relight that driving force I had when I was hired. But, it can’t be one sided. I can’t do what I need to do and learn what I need to learn alone. I need a teacher that will step up to the plate and throw me a curve ball once in a while. Someone that will force me to research and plan, then institute, delegate, and deploy.

Sure, I’ve been the manager in charge (note the lower-case), and my RGM wouldn’t be as good as she is if she didn’t step in once in a while. But I’m not learning when someone does their job and mine for me.

My RGM has had plans since I was hired. To get the restaurant where it needs to be and move me up. But, what’s going to happen if she gets sick? What’s going to happen if she ever takes a needed vacation? She still doesn’t have someone that can fill in while she’s gone without the restaurant falling apart again.

There’s a quote by General George S. Patton that best sums up the situation I’m placed in. It goes a little something like, “We herd sheep, we drive cattle, we lead people. Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way.”

I think I have someone who’s best at the leading bit. I have a few followers who likes working with me. But, there are some who doesn’t use their full potential, slacks off, or haphazardly muddles through their shift. These are the few that needs to get out of my way.

I see what they do, and commend them for it. I also see what they don’t do. Every Captain expects their platoon to be the best they can be, but can’t lead if constantly having to stop to tell someone to move their arse or not to do something.

We, my RGM and myself, has managed to not have to cut lose dead weight in the past. Those situations worked themselves out on their own.
The majority knows what the job expects of them, and thankfully, the group of stragglers are slowly growing smaller.

But, we can’t slack off just yet! The time to lead is not over, it’s just getting started.