I Won Free Fuel for a Year

Out of all the people who has entered to win “Free Fuel for a Year” from Marathon Petroleum, I was luckily one of the chosen few.

That’s right! I won $1,500 in Marathon Cash Cards.

I’ve been a frequent customer of the Marathon here where I live (we only have one), and it’s the only convenient store that I find myself going back to time and time again. Mainly because Philadelphia Market & Deli usually carries my favorite flavor of Mountain Dew and daily essentials.

Don’t delay and sign up today! It’s easy to earn points on daily purchases, get up to 50 cents off/gallon gas, redeem your points for a $100 Amazon gift card, and enter to win with every purchase.

Like I said, it’s simple to get your entries in there to win! Simply head over to Make It Count™ and sign up for an account, then download the Make It Count app on your Android or Apple device.

On the app, you can see monthly offers on items to get more points and more opportunities to save and win.

Last time I won anything was when I was a youngster and won a bicycle from Fred’s back in the mid-90s. Now, just over 20 years, my name was finally selected for a legitimate giveaway.

Need more proof? >>Click here to see my picture on Philadelphia Market & Deli’s official Facebook Page<<
You too could be the winner of $1,500 in “Free Gas for a Year”!

My thanks to Sammy and the great staff at Philadelphia Market & Deli for the opportunity, and not to forget, Marathon Petroleum.