Minecraft IC2 Crops


I have been looking everywhere for a list of IC2 plants and the more odd ones that are added by other Modpacks… Here is a list that I found on Reddit full credits goes to DoctorOr for posting this list.

Crop Type Tier Source Output
Wheat I IC2/Vanilla *
Pumpkins I IC2/Vanilla *
Brown Mushroom I GT/Vanilla *
Red Mushroom I GT/Vanilla *
Indigo II GT Indigo Dye
Flax II GT, “Eloraam” String
Tulip II IC2 Purple Dye
Blackthorn II IC2 Black Dye
Cyazint II IC2 Cyan Dye
Reeds II IC2/Vanilla *
Melons II IC2/Vanilla *
Dandelions II IC2/Vanilla *
Rose II IC2/Vanilla *
Venomilia III IC2 Purple Dye
Cocoa III IC2 *
Spidernip IV GT,”Mr. Kenny” Spider Eye
Stickreed IV IC2 Sticky Resin
Oilberries IX? GT,”Spacetoad” *
Corpseplant V GT,”Mr. Kenny” Rotten Flesh
Tine V GT Tin Nuggets
Hops V IC2 *
Terra Wart V IC2 *
Netherwart V IC2/Vanilla *
Blazereed VI GT,”Br. Brain” Blazerod or Powder
Slimeplant VI GT,”Neowulf” Slime Ball
Corium VI GT Leather
Coppon VI GT Copper Nuggets
Plumbilia VI GT, “King Lemming” Lead Nuggets
Milkwart VI GT, “Mr. Brain” Milk
Ferru VI IC2 Iron Dust
Eggplant VI GT, “Link” Chicken Eggs
Red Wheat VI IC2 Redstone
Coffee VII IC2 *
Meatrose VII GT, “VintageBeef” Meat Items
Argentia VII GT, “Eloraam” Silver Nuggets
Creeperweed VII? GT, “General Spaz” Gunpowder
Withereed VIII GT, “CovertJaguar” Coal/Coal Dust
Aurelia VIII IC2 Gold Dust
Tearstalks VIII GT, “Neowulf” Ghast Tears
Enderbloom X? GT, “RichardG” Enderpearl
Bobsyeruncleranks XI? GT, “GenerikB” Tiny Emerald Dust
Diareed XIII? GT Tiny Diamond Dust

GT = GregTech
IC2 = Industrial Craft 2
*This item gives the same item as it’s name implies.

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