Inventory Mobile 2 Help

Thank you for your interest and downloading Inventory Mobile.This document is to help you become familiar with Inventory Mobile and help guide you through using the mobile application and it’s features. Requirements Current Version Download Installation Trouble Logging In Main Menu Item List Adding an Item Adding or Deleting a Category Stock Count Settings Support …

The Novel Covid-19 Virus and Me

With ignorance running rampid, we have to be mindful of who we are around and what we see and hear. Use your brain, if it doesn’t sound true, it probably isn’t.

Top Super Mario Maker 2 Streamers for 2020

This is a continually changing list of Super Mario Maker 2 Streamers. My first favourites list was posted back in 2017. I updated the list to include a few new favourites as well as honorable mentions that didn’t make my top list. If you are a fan of troll levels, kaizo blocks, incredible contraptions, and …

Naxa LED TV DVD/Media Player

The Naxa LED TV/DVD Media Player is a daily driver of mine in my home. Pick up one for your camper or RV and enjoy the entertainment on the go or use it in the spare bedroom.

Untitled Short Story – 2020/01/02

Five of us jump in the truck to go pick up a friend. As we roll up to a stop sign a red car comes turning in the road we’re on. Someone recognizes the car and rolls down the window to scream out. I didn’t think anything of it, because I was the designated driver …

My Brakes Went Out

My brakes went out. That was the line I got from the driver that hit my vehicle that was parked at work. Great, more repairs.

Nightmare Renter

The story starts with a small convenience store in Philadelphia, MS called Joey’s Mini Mart. First established back in 2006 by Mr. Mohammad Shahid. Joey’s Mini Mart has become a staple in the community since Mr. Shahid purchased the small store from the now defunct company, Super Stop. Mr. Shahid built the business up, basically …

Work’s Toxic Atmosphere

After coming back to work, I’ve kept my head down, not gossipped with anyone. Just did my job until it was time to get off. Until today, when my RGM went rogue.

Forced Demotion With No Alternatives

Well guys, I haven’t been blogging lately because of all the work I’ve been doing, or well, lack of. That doesn’t make sense because of the title of this post. Let’s get to the flesh of this post. To bring you up to speed. There has been issues where money came up missing from work. …

ICE Raid In Mississippi Financial Impact on the State

This week, ICE performed a raid and arrested 680 people. Let’s look at the numbers that the lawmakers and the news isn’t covering.