About Me

Hi, my name is Jonathan Ryan Grice.

I am a 3rd generation professional Commercial Driver with over 11 years experience in the Transportation/Trucking Industry. I am also an Independent Driver for Lyft, Inc. and Uber, Inc. with a combined 2 years experience of Rideshare/TNC driving. I also am a certified 3rd Party Developer for Clover, Inc.

My hobbies includes website design and programming, mobile app design and programming, breeding arthropods for fishing as well as reptile and fish food. I also like to cook and learn how to prepare new dishes.

I enjoy watching Sci-fi, Action, and Western movies and tv shows and I’m a fan of the X-Factor and Got Talent.

I have my own opinions about many controversial topics. I don’t conform to any Political Party but lean more towards Conservative and Independent.

Some people don’t like my mannerisms but I treat everyone the same regardless of who they are, the color of their skin, or where they’re from. There isn’t but one race, the Human Race. It makes me laugh when people get caught up on someone’s race, when even they are part of the same. It makes them sound silly because Ethnicity isn’t a word that even the media uses often, it’s always race. I don’t tolerate racism and bigotry and won’t allow other people to stuff their beliefs and idealisms down my throat.

I’m not actively religious but I relate highly with Apostolic and Pentecostal.  I’ve studied in Theology and have found similarities between all Religions. There isn’t but one Supreme Deity that has many names and many different Prophets, Angels, and Demons.