Trump Gets Slammed By Twitter Users

The Latest bashing of President Trump comes from him referring to the Cabinet Room at the White House as “the boardroom”. Grammar-Fascists jumped right on this one filling Twitter with more hate and ridicule.

Merriam Webster defines Boardroom as:
Boardroom noun: a room where the group of people who manage or direct a company or organization have meetings.

I could not find a Merriam Webster definition for Cabinet Room, however, wikipedia defines a Cabinet Room as:
Cabinet Room noun: The Cabinet Room is the meeting room for the cabinet, secretaries and advisors serving the President of the United States.

Last time I checked, The United States is a Corporation! It consists of The United States originally and still referred to as the District of Columbia. It even has it’s own trademark! Don’t get this confused with The United States of America.

So, what is with these Grammar-Fascists bashing President Trump for the use of Boardroom instead of Cabinet Room? If a boardroom is a place where people who direct or manage a company have meetings and the Cabinet Room is a meeting room for the cabinet, or board members, secretaries and advisors serving the President. It seems one in the same.

A company has a President/CEO, Vice President/COO, Board Members, stock holders, etc.
The United States has a President, Vice President, two sets of board members called the House and Congress, stock holders or the 50 States, etc.

It seems like people need to go back to school to learn more spelling words and definitions!

Twitter Lit Up with comments such as:

Some people just need to get a life!