Soccer Team and Coach Stuck in Cave

Twelve children and their soccer coach has been stuck in a cave in Thailand for over a week.

EMT Deamonized for Posting On Facebook

Every job has unusual occurrences. An EMT in Tennessee is being disciplined for posting about his first.

Same Song and Dance from Taxi Drivers

Uber and Lyft is back under fire in the City of Jackson by taxi drivers complaining there isn’t a level playing field.

Uber Violate TNC Rules

I’ve encountered an instance where Uber violates the Transportation Network Company Act in Mississippi.

Trump Gets Slammed By Twitter Users

President Trump calls the Cabinet Room a Boardroom and gets slammed by Twitter Users.

Lyft is Available in Jackson

Ride with Lyft in Jackson, MS. Drive for Lyft in Jackson, MS. That’s right, Lyft is available in Jackson.

Inauguration and Aftermath

Barack Hussein Obama II stepped down today as United States President as President Elect, Donald John Trump was sworn in.

Acorns Round-up Acct Link

Acorns is a good way to save and invest your money, if there wasn’t round-up account linking issues.

Jackson MS Taxi Ordinance Update

Weeks passes and adaptation of new Taxi Ordinance still in limbo since last Jackson Committee Meeting on October 6, 2016.

Taxi Wars in Jackson

Taxi companies in Jackson is fighting their own kind in the industry. From stalking, using the JPD to harass drivers, to perjury.