Nightmare Renter

The story starts with a small convenience store in Philadelphia, MS called Joey’s Mini Mart. First established back in 2006 by Mr. Mohammad Shahid. Joey’s Mini Mart has become a staple in the community since Mr. Shahid purchased the small store from the now defunct company, Super Stop. Mr. Shahid built the business up, basically …

ICE Raid In Mississippi Financial Impact on the State

This week, ICE performed a raid and arrested 680 people. Let’s look at the numbers that the lawmakers and the news isn’t covering.

I Won Free Fuel for a Year

Out of all the people who has entered to win “Free Fuel for a Year” from Marathon Petroleum, I was luckily one of the chosen few.

Sick of Telemarketing Calls

I receive up to five or six telemarketing calls every day on my mobile phone. I’m sick of it and bet you are too!

Soccer Team and Coach Stuck in Cave

Twelve children and their soccer coach has been stuck in a cave in Thailand for over a week.

EMT Deamonized for Posting On Facebook

Every job has unusual occurrences. An EMT in Tennessee is being disciplined for posting about his first.

Same Song and Dance from Taxi Drivers

Uber and Lyft is back under fire in the City of Jackson by taxi drivers complaining there isn’t a level playing field.

Uber Violate TNC Rules

I’ve encountered an instance where Uber violates the Transportation Network Company Act in Mississippi.

Trump Gets Slammed By Twitter Users

President Trump calls the Cabinet Room a Boardroom and gets slammed by Twitter Users.

Lyft is Available in Jackson

Ride with Lyft in Jackson, MS. Drive for Lyft in Jackson, MS. That’s right, Lyft is available in Jackson.