Sick of Telemarketing Calls

I receive up to five or six telemarketing calls every day on my mobile phone. I’m sick of it and bet you are too!

Robocalls are nuisances, inconvenient, and come at any hour of the day when your number comes up. They are also against the law.

In one particular case, a company was fined $10,000 per unsolicited call.

These calls have become increasing difficult to block with the use of VoIP phone systems, and has the ability to spoof their phone number with any number they choose. They especially love local numbers. Many of these scam calls originate from outside the United States.

Another bad thing is, there is software that scammers use that is specifically made for spoofing their real number.

One tactic they use is called “neighbor calling”. Scammers knows that you are more likely to answer the phone if a local number is shown.
Another is by trying to portray themselves as your bank or credit card company, debt solution, car warranty, computer support (Microsoft), or even the IRS. They are hoping they can convince you enough for you to volunteer personal information.

Numerous times, I have tried calling the local number back, just to hear a person on the other end say that they haven’t called anyone. One time, I was even asked what they could do to stop someone from using their number. I told them absolutely nothing.

I’ve had my number since 2006, and I’m definitely not a telemarketer or scammer, but the same thing has happened to me. I’ve received returned calls because my mobile number showed up on their Caller ID.

The best way I’ve found to block these types of scammers is by the use of an app called TrapCall. TrapCall will unmask those spoofed Caller Ids, block known scammers, and make callers with blocked numbers announce themselves so you know exactly who’s calling.

They have three levels of membership and even a free trial. You can lookup numbers, record both sides of calls, and with their newest feature, see the face of the caller before you answer your phone.

So, before you block me when I really try to call.

Head over to the TrapCall website today and try TrapCall today.

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