Apple Repair & Data Recovery

Do you own an Apple product? Have your Apple product reached its end of life and suddenly kicked the bucket? What about the pictures you’ve taken on your honeymoon, are they stuck in a dead iPhone?

I could tell you there is a miracle cure that could fix either of these issues. But, there isn’t. It’s certainly not taking your device to a Genius Bar. They are going to tell you it’s time to upgrade and that your pictures and data is lost forever if you didn’t back your phone up to Apple’s proprietary service, iCloud.

I’ve recently watched a CBC News: The National video on YouTube that publicly exposes the lies, deception, and misinformation that Apple continues to allow their paid Community Forum moderators and general members to give customers every day, regarding recovery and repair.

While Apple’s stance on component repair from liquid damage or out of warranty equipment is clear, repair shops like iPadRehab, Rossman Repair Group, and Charter Towers continues to drive forward and take up the slack when Apple abandons its customers. This even includes business from customers who are willing to pay anything to get their device working again, regardless if it’s a hardware failure or the customer’s fault.

Each of the mentioned companies offers data recovery or component level repair for even the simplest issues that dumbfounds an Apple proclaimed Genius at a Genius Bar who will try and get you to buy another $1200+ machine or iPhone. Apple has trained their employees to “make the sell.” Sometimes at any cost.

Check out iPadRehab, Rossman Repair Group, and Charters Towers. They offer their services for screen and battery replacement, and component level or recover your data. If your device is definitely not repairable, there may be no cost to you (except shipping). You can check out their repair rates by contacting them directly through the link to the websites above.

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