Altar Worker’s Guide

Welcome, Altar Workers. We will be discussing an important aspect of serving in ministry. As altar workers, we have a crucial role to play in leading people into a deeper relationship with God. Our job is to assist those who come to the altar, pray with them, and encourage them in their journey with the Lord.

We will be discussing the importance of submission to God’s will, following His lead, and trusting in Him. We will explore examples from the Bible of submission and obedience to God’s authority brought forth miraculous works.

It is vital that we come to this ministry with a heart of submission and obedience to God’s will, as well as to our pastors and other spiritual authorities. When we do so, we will be better equipped to lead others into a closer relationship with the Lord.

Pray that as you learn, you will gain a deeper understanding of our role as altar workers and that we will be used by God to bring forth His glory.

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