Soccer Team and Coach Stuck in Cave

The Wild Boars soccer team and their coach has been trapped in a flooded part of the Tham Luang Nang Non cave in Northern Thailand since June 23rd after going missing from a hike.

The boys and their soccer coach entered the cave, this being the second time from a previous experience exploring the cave, and ventured into an area of the cave that was restricted, ignoring warning signs that was posted not to pass during the rainy season.2

The coach is in trouble with the families of the boys for leading them into the restricted area.1 And rightfully so. Officials stated earlier on that the group must have passed multiple warning signs before finding themselves trapped.

So far, the cave has claimed one life. That of Samarn Poonan, a former Thai Navy SEAL that offered to help, drowned during a mission to place air tanks in the cave after he himself ran out of air. He was rescued but could not be resuscitated.3

Elon Musk is even trying to get in on the rescue with the idea of a “bouncy castle” tube.4 Musk sent engineers from two of his companies (SpaceX and Boring Co.) in order to evaluate whither the plan is feasible and may offer other means of help. The Thai government welcomed his help and awaits on the arrival of his team on their Facebook page Friday.

Update: On Sunday, July 8 around 6P.M. local time, 4 of the children that was trapped in the cave for over 2 weeks has been rescued. Three of the boys was taken to the hospital by ambulance and one air lifted by helicopter.

On Monday, 4 more of the trapped boys was rescued and sent to hospital for triage.

Elon Musk and engineer has design a miniature submarine from SpaceX rocket parts to rescue the remainder of the trapped boys.5 They have sent the sub to Thailand although they may not need it.

More updates to come.


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