Nightmare Renter


The story starts with a small convenience store in Philadelphia, MS called Joey’s Mini Mart. First established back in 2006 by Mr. Mohammad Shahid. Joey’s Mini Mart has become a staple in the community since Mr. Shahid purchased the small store from the now defunct company, Super Stop.

Mr. Shahid built the business up, basically from the ground up. But when he decided to take an extended stay overseas with his family, the guy that was suppose to lease the business, ended up being nothing but a nightmare.

The leasee’s names are Amer al Owdi and Adel Algumaee, d/b/a A M Quick Mart LLC. Giving al Owdi the key and expecting him to pay the bills and the lease seemed too good to be true.

The nightmare started after Mr. Shahid left the United States. Al Owdi failed to pay Mr. Shahid rent accumulated in excess of $20,000 for the past 11 months. Fraudulently placed wholesale orders for products under Mr. Shahid’s established accounts, and dashed when it came time to pay them.

Al Owdi placed a order to Core Mart in the amount of $6200 back in October of 2018 using Mr. Shahid’s account. When it came time to pay the vendor, Al Owdi placed a Stop Payment on the check leaving Mr. Shahid on the hook for over $7500, after the vendor turned the delinquent account over to their attorney to pursue payment. But, it doesn’t stop there.

Al Owdi also let other accounts become delinquent. Such as ordering fuel from Prince Oil and skipping out on a $18,000 payment there. As well as on time payments for basic utilities, permits, inspections, and even one employee being arrested for selling tobacco products to a minor.

But that was not all of Amer al Owdi’s tricks. After Mr. Shahid returned and confronted al Owdi for not paying, Mr. Shahid started legal processes to force Amer al Owdi and A M Quick Mart to vacate the premises, on the last day of notice, al Owdi filed charges on Mr. Shahid seizing property for non-payment.

That still wasn’t all. After Amer al Owdi and company finally vacated the premises, they were seen on the security camera taking property out of the store that was part of the property and rightfully belonged to Mr. Shahid, totalling up to $4,000. Light fixtures, the EBT machine, a drink bin and other items was shown leaving the building in none other but Amer al Owdi’s hands or being pushed on a dolly to a U-Haul that he rented to move. Al Owdi even took the dolly from the store. Some items has been found by Mr. Shahid as showing up at other convenient stores in Philadelphia.

As of writing this, Amer al Owdi has an active warrant for Grand Larceny, issued by the Philadelphia Police Department. His last known whereabouts was in Oxford, MS. If anyone has any information for apprehending Amer al Owdi, contact your local police department or Crime Stoppers at 855-485-TIPS(8477).

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