Work’s Toxic Atmosphere

After getting demoted, it’s been a week and everything has been going good! I have been a cook for the past week or so. I’ve kept my head down, not gossipped with anyone or wasted time, really not said much of anything to anyone, just did my job until it was time to get off. Until today.

I went to work today, washed my hands, and started making pizzas. Any spare minute I got I stocked the make table with what was needed. I kept making orders as best as I could and wasn’t doing that bad at it. All of a sudden, my RGM came up and started talking about taking over, bringing pans of dough (which I didn’t mind) and “bumping” the order screen.

She came back from the front and said that she was going to put me on cut when the driver returned. I glanced her way while I was in still making pizzas and asked, “Who’s going to cook?” This was returned with the question, “Do you have a problem with that?” I didn’t say anything, just looked at her, like, WTF did I do.

My RGM then asked a Shift Leader if she wouldn’t mind staying a little while longer. I didn’t hear what the Shift Leader responded with but my RGM then told me to clock out and I could go home.

So, without arguing or asking why, I clocked out and left. When I got to my vehicle, I called the AGM and advised him of the situation. I told him that the past week was great, not a single issue, until today. I said that I hated to be calling him over this because I am suppose to be able to go to my RGM but when she’s part of the issue, I needed to let someone know. Even after everything has happened, I still don’t know who to talk to in HR about everything. my AGM said that HR usually refers issues back to him.

My AGM said that he would try and find out what was going on. I really do hope he can find out, because the atmosphere at work is getting so toxic that I’m starting to dread going to work.

Ever since I got the AGM in the middle of the missing money issue a couple weeks ago, it’s seems like my RGM has had an attitude. She hasn’t talked to me about what, who, when, why, or anything. I get the feeling that she’s avoiding talking about it. All the while, I’ve been quiet, did my job, just waiting on her, but haven’t heard anything.

It still seems like management still needs to work on communication.

I’m just laying in wait to see what happens.