Forced Demotion With No Alternatives

Well guys, I haven’t been blogging lately because of all the work I’ve been doing, or well, lack of. That doesn’t make sense because of the title of this post.

Let’s get to the flesh of this post.

To bring you up to speed. There has been issues where money came up missing from work. Whither it be from a cash drawer or in one instance, a whole bank deposit bag. Of course, I was responsible for the bank deposit because I was the Shift Leader at the time.

The first time this happened, I had my suspicions from questioning my team. Several acknowledged that missing money was an issue when a certain individual worked in the past.

I had mentioned to my RGM that I did not want to work with this person and asked for a new team member. Not exactly in those words, but I thought my RGM got the message. Nevertheless, she continued scheduling this person on my shift and since the first occurance on my shift, I hadn’t had any problems with the suspected employee.

Fast forward to the 3rd of August. At the end of my shift, I started closing and counting down the registers, and doing paperwork. I noticed that exactly one big bill was missing. I asked my team member that was running that particular register and he remembers getting a big bill during his shift.

I finished up my paperwork and took the deposit to the bank. Everything was in black and white in the paperwork. What register was missing the bill, who was running that particular register, etc. While I didn’t tell my RGM about the missing money, I was sure she would see it when she looked at the paperwork the next day.

Well, my RGM did see that the money was missing. The employee that was suspected last time was the only other employee that opened the cash drawer that the money was missing from. The register report logged it and he was caught red handed, or so I thought.

I was still working after my RGM left. She had called the restaurant when I was out on a delivery and told the other Shift Leader to send me home, and that my RGM would call me if she needed me. After my shift, I called my RGM and she said that she would have to do some investigating and that I would be off for a few days during so. So, why was I being punished if someone else was suspected of stealing?

I wasn’t put on the schedule for the whole week. I called our ARL and asked what the issue was and what was going to be done. He said that he would check with my RGM and that she would call me and let me know. Did I get a call from my RGM? No. My ARL called me back and told me what was going on. That I wouldn’t be on the schedule the rest of the week because it was already made and that I would be on the schedule the following week.

A couple days later, I received an email about a change in my employment and I was able to change my benefits. I wasn’t told anything about my employment status was going to change. I called my RGM and she told me that we would have a meeting next time she was at work. I never heard anything else about it. We never had any meeting. I never signed any paperwork asking for a change in status. Nothing.

I am being forced to go along with it by not hearing anything from my RGM or ARL.

I’ve held my tongue long enough. Tomorrow, if my RGM comes in, I’m going to inquire why. I was hired for a position, have all the paperwork when I was hired. Note, I had to sign everything before I got the position. Now, without signing anything, and without as much as a phone call, was demoted with absolutely no notice.

For now, this post is done. I will update what happens, maybe in another post.