Get Out of My Way

While some of my colleagues are guiding or following me, there are still a few that needs to bluntly, get out of the way.

Apple Repair & Data Recovery

Tired of members on the Apple Community Forum saying your photos are lost or your device can not be repaired? Listen to experienced technicians and not Pajama Joe. Your device is possibly repairable or recoverable!

Sick of Telemarketing Calls

I receive up to five or six telemarketing calls every day on my mobile phone. I’m sick of it and bet you are too!

Lumiday Luminite Day 5

I started taking Lumiday and Luminite to try and curb the anxiety and sleepless nights I have had. This is day 5 of my journey.

Difference Between Night & Day

I don’t usually take medication, but just out of curiosity I ordered Lumiday and Luminite. It actually made a difference for the first day.

Beating Myself Up

I am hard on myself all the time, even though I’m told that mistakes are part of learning. When someone that knows what they are talking about and tells me that what I did wasn’t right, I beat myself up. Sometimes it’s warranted, but even after being told it’s not a big deal and not …

Working as an Introvert

Here’s a small glimpse of what I live with every day as an introvert where I walk on eggshells in order to control my anxiety at work.

A Few Good People

If you were to ask me for a list of the best employees where I work. I would simply tell you to pay the restaurant a visit, literally anytime! I can not place anyone above or below another.

Shout Heard Around The Store

I’m going to tell you a short hypothetical story, and I want your input. No matter which side you take. You might not even take a side and go with an angle I haven’t thought of.

Want to be Amazing at Work? Here’s how.

There isn’t a special formula for you to be perform excellent at your job. If you lend me your ear for five minutes, I’ll tell you what I have learned and maybe it can help you too.