The Novel Covid-19 Virus and Me


With Coronavirus cases ramping up in my state, I’m doing my due diligence to avoid getting sick. It only takes common sense which runs short these days.

I’ve been working back at a convenience store since August 2019. Everything is going great, and then the Covid-19 virus hit.

I have dealt with more ignorant people in the past two weeks than I have since I started working in retail. They range anywhere from fear mongering, tissue paper, panic buyers to loose lipped, gossip spreading morons.

Panic buyers stocking up on toilet paper.

Let’s start with what the Coronavirus or COVID-19 is, it’s severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS for short. SARS is not new, it’s a broad term used for a variety of infections that really doesn’t have a common name. COVID-19 is NOT a stomach virus! It is a respiratory infection. You don’t need 190 rolls of toilet paper for a lung infection!

The Coronavirus is not a stomach virus that causes diarrhea. The only reason we have a shortage is because of the people buying large quantities of items instead of purchasing what they normally do weekly or bi-weekly.

There are almost 150 manufacturers of consumer paper goods in the USA that produces the highly sought after, commodities called tissue paper, paper towel, and nose tissue. There is not a shortage in the traditional sense of the factories are running low on supply or there is a break in the supply chain. The shortage is because of panic buyers that follow the hoard of media listening, hearsay believing, morons that deliver false information.

Now for the second thing. I’m here to disprove any recent disinformation that you may have heard.

You may have heard that the Public Service Commission has issued a statement that they are delaying disconnection of utilities for 60 days.

One guy came into the convenience store and said, “OMG!!!! They are going to disconnect everyone’s power and water for 60 days”

No, no, that is not what their press release said. It said, let’s break it down into small words, “Your power and water will not be turned off if they are overdue. The utility company is giving people 60 days to pay up their bills.”
This doesn’t mean, wait for 60 days until you pay. It means, pay what you can, and at the closing of 60 days, your bill better be paid off.

This grace period may change, but at this time it’s only a 60 day delay in collecting payments.

Another guy came into the store saying, “They are shutting down the IRS so people will have to wait longer to get their refunds.”

Again, no, this is not true. The deadline for filing and paying your income tax is April 12th. The IRS is giving taxpayers an additional 90 days past April 12th to pay any taxes owed up to 1 million dollars. No where in the IRS press release does it say they are shutting down the IRS. The US Government likes it’s money!

So far that about covers the stupidity of today’s society. For more updates and interesting tutorials…..

Naw, I’m not ending this post like that.

As for me and my house, we are not sick. We have plenty food and household items to get us through until the ignorant people waste all their money buying 4 grocery buggies of toiletries. After they run out of money, then we’ll do our regular shopping. Until then, a snack here and there from Dollar General, which is grown ever so popular, is about all I’ll do.

I hate big box stores just for the fact that they are so crowded and packed lately. We’re supposed to be practicing “social separation”, no, what we need to be practicing is some common sense!

If you like this post, be sure to like and share. If you have heard of any gossip and false information, I want to hear from you. Let me know in the comment section, what crazy things you’ve heard or seen.

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