Top Super Mario Maker 2 Streamers for 2020


This is a continually changing list of Super Mario Maker 2 Streamers. My first favourites list was posted back in 2017. I updated the list to include a few new favourites as well as honorable mentions that didn’t make my top list.

If you are a fan of troll levels, kaizo blocks, incredible contraptions, and streamer antics, be sure to check out this list of streamers. Who knows, you might find a new favourite of your own.


Channel Name: CarlSagan42
Joined: May 2, 2011

Oh, Carl. What can I say? Carl tries his best to big brain his way through troll levels with the best of ’em.
Carl is a streamer and SMM2 level designer. He’s was also a player at GDQ (Games Done Quick) 2020. He was an honorable mention last year but has become my top pick for SMM2 content. He puts on a good stream. Especially, when he falls for every troll!
So, check him out. Like and subscribe to catch his latest content!

At the time of this post, CarlSagan42 has 132.36M views and 361K subscribers.

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Channel Name: JL Nightmare
Joined: October 29, 2016

JL is second on my list of SMM2 streamers. He’s a great streamer when he’s not working. But, let me tell ya. He’s okay in my book!
His streams is personable and he responds to his audience.
JL is still the place to go if you want to rock out with some good tunes and catch a good kaizo race or watch him tackle user levels.

At the time of this post, JL Nightmare has almost 986K views and 7.7K subscribers.

Connect with JL Nightmare:
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Channel Name: ryukahr
Joined: September 10, 2006

Ryu has always been in my Top 10 list of great SMM2 streamers.
He’s known for SMM2 content and he streams other titles such as Zelda, Minecraft, custom SMW Roms, and other SNES games.
He’s a kaizo legend in my book, behind Oshi which is next on this list. And he still doesn’t give up on a stage, even when it ends a run. He’ll conquer it!

As of the time of this post, ryukahr has 235.8M views and 631K subscribers.

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Channel Name: Blue Television Games
Joined: September 3, 2015

BTG is a great streamer of SMM2 and Mario Multiverse. His channel showcases many custom SMW Roms. BTG knows how to find the best content for his subscribers.
Blue Television Games is still on my best streamers list.

As of the time of this post, BTG has 106M views and 240K subscribers.

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Channel Name: juzcook
Joined: January 06, 2006

This channel is a little bit smaller than the others on this list but he made my Top 5.
I like his content and enjoy watching his reaction to troll levels. juzcook is just a downright great streamer!
With your help, we can push his channel well over 50K subscribers. Make sure to like and subscribe for his awesome content.

As of the time of this post, juzcook has a little over 10.4M views and 32.5K subscribers.

Connect with juzcook:

Honorable Mentions:

These streamers only make up a small part of the SMM2 streamer community. There are many more out there on YouTube and Twitch.

*The channel thumbnails are the property of the channel owners, respectively.

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