Cargo – Make More Money

Introducing Cargo… The in-car product vending service for TNC drivers.

TNC Driver Coverage Endorsement

You vehicle insurance may be falling short on covering you in case of an accident if you drive for a TNC.

Back At It Doing More Rideshare

I jumped back in the saddle driving for Uber and now Lyft as well. Last week wasn’t that bad!

Court Hearing for Operating a Taxi

Update on my served field warrant and ticket for Operating a Taxi without a Business License.

Veteran’s Paparazzi Cab 318

Never thought of myself as popular or entertaining, but I get pictures taken of me more than Kim Kardashian.

City-Cab Owner and Driver Harassing Uber Drivers and Other Taxi Drivers

The owner of City-Cab in Jackson, MS is engaged in harassing Uber Drivers and Drivers of other taxi companies, taking digital pictures and videotaping passenger

Uber Driver vs. Truck Driver

There are various similarities between driving for Uber and driving a big truck. Here are just a few.

Encounter with an Independent Cabbie

I had a less than stellar conversation with a cab driver in Jackson, MS. He definitely lived up to his company’s name!

Uber and Taxi Side-by-Side Fare Comparison

Your choices for on-demand transportation in Jackson, MS. Uber vs Taxi Fares Side-by-Side Comparison

Uber in Jackson MS

Get up to speed on Uber, in Jackson, Mississippi. Rules to follow at the airport. Some hot-spots around Jackson to grab a fare.