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Hello everyone. Today I’d like to introduce you to a new service called Cargo. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it before or not. Learn more from Randy Sheer a.k.a. UberMan by viewing the video below. It’s available in select markets but the company is constantly expanding to new cities often.

There has been a big update in the payout schedule since UberMan published his video where he explains what it is.

First off, Cargo has stated in their Terms of Service that drivers will now get 25% of all Retail Sales. That means, if passengers buys a pack of gum for $1.00 you will earn 25¢. That means, if you sell 3 items totalling $4.00, you will get $1.00. You don’t get the 25% if your passengers gets one of the promotional items that Cargo is giving away for free.

Secondly, every time a passenger places an order, including promotional free items, you will receive $1.00. An easy way to track this is, every time you get a text from Cargo that a customer has purchased one or more items, you get $1.00.

Third, if passengers purchases up to 10 items from your Cargo box in a week, you get a $10 bonus. This does not mean, every 10 items but the first time you reach the threshold. This counter restarts each and every week.

Fourth, if passengers purchases up to 100 items from your Cargo box in a month, you get a $50 bonus. Again, this does not mean every 100 items but the first time you reach the threshold. This counter restarts each and every month.

From the payment schedule, let’s make a hypothetical situation.

  • If your passengers places 100 orders, totaling $210, in one month. You will be paid $100.00, $1.00 for each order.
  • For every week your passengers purchased 10 items, you get $10, assuming you reached the threshold every week for a total of $40, $10 for every week.
  • For the month, your passengers placed 100 orders. You will be paid $50.
  • And for the total retail gross sales totaling $210, you get 25% of those sales, for a total of $52.50.

Let’s put this all together:

$100.00 (100 orders) $40.00 (sold 10 items every week) $50.00 (sold 100 items in a month) $52.50 (25% of gross sales)------------------------------------$242.50 (Your Net Profit)

That is $242.50 that you would not have made if Cargo was not in your market and you haven’t had signed up.

I’m still waiting for Cargo to become available in my market so I can maximize my profits, so help me get Cargo to Mississippi or your area.

If you would like to sign up, use my link to signup for Cargo →→

If Cargo is not yet available in your Market, you can still sign up to be placed on the reservation list to be one of the first drivers to receive your Cargo box and items before everyone else. The more demand from drivers in your city, the faster Cargo will expand to your market.

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Be sure to view the Cargo Terms or Service. You, the driver, are responsible for paying any taxes on any settlements you receive. You are also responsible for maintaining any licenses, permits, or approval to sell products to your passengers. Also you must maintain a clean and sanitary vehicle that is owned or leased by you and you drive for a Transportation Network Company such as Uber or Lyft.