Encounter with an Independent Cabbie


Uber Promo CodeMost of the cabbies, in my area, I’ve spoken to in passing, has been friendly. While I’ve not had the pleasure of talking to any of them in depth, I somehow put myself in the line of fire with an independent cab driver Friday night. I shouldn’t be worried about someone who’s a Military Vet that has only one cab. You would figure that he would really be in this profession to help make the roads safer, but instead he made it bluntly clear that he has an ulterior motive. Being either retired or disabled military, he’s not in it for the money because he was fortunate to be compensated for serving in the Military.

Owning his own cab company gives him a few perks, he can set his own prices. But that’s going to be his downfall and make driving not worth the time and effort. Especially going against a multi billion dollar corporation! He’s vowed to my face, that he’s going to take every client from Uber that he’s able to. This isn’t going to effect Uber as a whole. He went on to say, “If Uber’s lowers the fare to $1.50 and he has to lower his fares to $1.00, he will.” He was also upset that he has to pay for primary commercial insurance and carry an outrageous bond. Saying that Uber was operating illegally and he’s not upset with the drivers, but the company. It seems to me, that the fact that the vehicles we use are not commercial vehicles and that we do have personal insurance as well as commercial insurance and a bond provided by Uber.

Just by the way he was talking to me about the issue was stroking a hidden fire that I didn’t know was inside me. I was still friendly when I saw him at one of the areas I frequent because that’s how I am naturally. But, just seeing him pull back up made animosity grow more and more. I’ve got to come up with a new strategy than just leaving cards at the local 7-11. I need to recruit more existing drivers help flood the Jackson and surrounding areas with more promo cards so that he has no clientele.

Maybe it’s for the best. We’ll see how things goes this week. I plan on hitting a couple new areas hard with the rest of my promo cards and so, I’ll order more. And I mean every business in the area that I can get to. No matter if they are one right after the other on the same side of the road. It’ll mean more clientele for Uber drivers and more money in our pockets. The bigger cab companies will still have their passengers because there are still a ton of folks that don’t know what Uber is and/or that the service is available in the Jackson area.

It’s an all out internal war now. Uber drivers, Uber on!

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