Uber Driver vs. Truck Driver


I saw a YouTube video that was posted by UberMan comparing being an Uber Driver and driving a Big Truck. I was going to make a post on this but never got around to it.

What Randy said was correct. Let’s break the pay down so you can see the similarities and who makes more compared to who has more expense and you can decide.

Uber Driver Truck Driver
Used Vehicle $5,000-$10,000 $75,000-$125,000
Initial Registration $75-$250 $6,000-$12,000
Yearly Registration Renewal $75-$250 $300-$1,200
Insurance $60-$150 $300-$600
Pay Per Mile $0.65-$1.75 (split 80/20) $0.79-$1.10 (or split 70/30, 80/20, etc)
Vehicle Maintenance $20 oil change $100-$400
$65 tire $200-300 tire
Fuel $1.899-$2.599 gas $2.499-$4.899 diesel

The above table compares cost, expenses, and pay between an Independent Driver driving for Uber and one driving for a trucking company.

I’ve been in the trucking industry long before Uber was invented. I know the cost and expenses. For me, I save more and have more benefits by driving for Uber in the long run compared to driving a truck.

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