City-Cab Owner and Driver Harassing Uber Drivers and Other Taxi Drivers

The owner and operator of City-Cab condones the harassment towards Uber drivers and drivers of other taxi services in the city of Jackson. Profanity has been observed to be used by the driver known as BB, formally known as Bobby Brooks, towards other company drivers as well as taking pictures of passengers, drivers, as well as their vehicles.

Mr. Brooks usually parks his car #249 in the Taxi Stand and hangs out at the Jackson Union Station. He uses the Greyhound Station as his own personal playground to conduct business under false pretenses by running off other cab drivers and videotaping drivers, passengers, and the drivers’ vehicles. With all the controversy of people videotaping and taking pictures using drones, you would think Mr. Brooks would get the hint that taking photos without consent is illegal.

I work for a couple companies that operate in Jackson. As defined by local and soon to be state law, I have the legal right to conduct business and pick up passengers when requested through a mobile app (Uber) or when requested by telephone call or text. I can not pick up street hails by any means, as that would violate policies, laws, and ordinances set in place by the companies I work for as well as by the City of Jackson and Mississippi.

If cab companies that are based out of the City of Jackson continues to run off outside cab companies and Jackson continues to shut out outside companies from conducting business, it would be fitting and deserving if the cities of Clinton, Madison, Ridgeland, Flowood, Pearl, Brandon, and Richland would cut off companies from operating in those cities under the same guidelines that drivers are not allowed to accept street hails until Jackson amends their ordinances regarding outside cab companies not being allowed to conduct business and the harassment stops. One big market for cabs is Shuckers, located in Ridgeland. Another would be any Hotel located outside of the City of Jackson, which they are numerous.

Cab companies in Jackson has robbed customers and provided unsatisfactory service for years, ordinances must be changed, and a free enterprise must be established. It’s a game of the fittest and from the customer’s point-of-view, the best, affordable, safest, reliable, dependable, company survives.