Veteran’s Paparazzi Cab 318

Veteran’s Cab 318, is still at their old scheme. I was parked at Exxon on High Street in Jackson this evening around 6:30PM. While I was minding my own business, playing on my laptop, I noticed a Veteran’s Cab at the fuel pump. I didn’t think anything of it because most Veteran’s Cab drivers doesn’t create drama and I don’t go around Jackson, stalking Veteran’s drivers either.

The cab pulled up horizontally in front of me taking up multiple parking spaces. An acquaintance of mine who drives for Uber pulled up a couple minutes later and parked beside me. We chatted for a second and he left.

Next thing I knew, the cab driver started taking pictures of me and my vehicle. How I know, you may ask. I saw the flash multiple times from his mobile phone.

I get the impression from Veteran’s Cab, it’s illegal for me to be in Jackson for any reason.

Mississippi law on taking pictures in public is flakey at best. It covers legally taking pictures of a person’s surroundings out in the open. It does’t cover someone taking pictures on multiple occasions of coworkers, their vehicles, me, my vehicle, or occupants. However, Mississippi does have harassment, stalking, simple assault, and disorderly conduct laws. I’ll go through each one.

The first is Simple Assault. I’m tired of being in fear, watching over my shoulder for hoodlum cab drivers and what they might do. First off, it’s illegal to have a concealed weapon in a commercial vehicle in Mississippi. That doesn’t mean that other cab drivers won’t carry a weapon of some kind. The way Veteran’s drivers are persistent about taking pictures, I don’t know them well enough to know if they won’t snap the next time one of them sees one of my coworkers or myself.

Next is Stalking. David Willis and Burrell Brooks has harassed coworkers and myself by driving us down when we’re in Jackson and taking pictures of our private engagements, repeatedly. Brooks started the whole racket when I drove for Uber back last year (2015). I have been told by a source, Brooks has had animosity against Uber and other cab drivers for years. He acts like the Greyhound Terminal belongs to him and runs off competition.

On multiple occasions, Willis and Brooks has harassed coworkers and myself while entering, leaving, and/or parked at multiple establishments in Jackson.

As I see it, there are cab drivers that are good, decent, people. They do their job and take care of customers. Then there is people who are downright trash that’s no better than these thugs that steals from homes and businesses in neighboring cities and runs back to the “Sanctuary City” of Jackson. That’s exactly what they do to the taxi company I work for when they steal customers from neighboring cities outside of Jackson but whine and complain when we service our contracts with private businesses in Jackson.

That’s like telling the city of Jackson they can’t contract out work to the company from Texas that was going to do the water test a few months ago and they are bound to use a company from Jackson. It’s a private contract and private entities can contract to anyone they choose. Just like individuals. Individuals are entities when they call and “contract” us as their transportation. Taxi companies and the City of Jackson doesn’t have that power to run peoples’ lives. It’s ultimately the customer’s choice!

Remember, harassment is illegal… No matter if its from an individual or a business!