Court Hearing for Operating a Taxi

Operating a taxi without a business license issued by the City of Jackson is apparently against the law and warrants a field arrest and ticket, regardless of what city issued the current business license. A few months ago I’d been served a citation for just that, in the midst of continuous harassment and stalking from the weasel paparazzi cab drivers of a couple Jackson based cab companies.

Two drivers, Burrell Brooks from City Cab and Dave Willis Jr from Veterans Cab, are the main scheming and harassing drivers that is causes problems for other companies. They are taking the law into their own hands instead of turning over any evidence to the Jackson Police Department and the City of Jackson and letting officials pursue any further legal action. It’s almost to the point of stupidity that the company owners would allow their drivers to conduct themselves as they have. I would probably been arrested for stalking besides being fired.

I had to appear at a hearing January 24th, 2016 that supposed to have started at 9:00 am but due to the judge being late, officials delayed court for an hour. Both Brooks and Willis was there. If they eyed Tim, Lee, or myself more than they were, their eyes would have popped out of their head. We all overheard Brooks and Willis scheming just loud enough about taxi this, and taxi that, behind us in the court room before the hearing. The biggest underestimated thing about their scheming, I am only a driver and the registered business records for Taxi Tim is public record and available from the Secretary of State and the City of Flowood. Brooks was sweating profusely and trying to break his neck trying just to talk to one of the hearing officials after someone called me. When asked, I plead Not Guilty to the charge and received a trial date.

I shall give an update after the trial.

In the mean time, if you have been a victim of harassment (including but not limited to; general harassment, stalking, verbal confrontation, and/or invasion of privacy) by Burrell Brooks or Dave Willis Jr, visit Jackson City Hall and file an affidavit with the City of Jackson, which is free, and leave a comment with details below as they’ll be shared with the Attorney handling these cases.