FedEx Lost Order

Shopping and placing orders from is easy. When it comes to shipping, the anticipation of receiving an expected package makes some people happy. When a package is delayed for an unknown reason, the anxiety is the worst.

I ordered some electronic parts for a project I am in the middle of working on. Being a Prime Member, I receive Free Shipping if I choose anything other than Overnight.

Amazon shipped my order in record time, just as they always have, with Guaranteed 2-day Shipping. This time, my order shipped from the Amazon HUB in Baltimore, MD by FedEx (Federal Express).

The odd thing is the comment that was placed on the shipping status, “Processed by shipper and loaded in trailer said to contain package.” I’ve never had a comment added like that by any carrier. What really got me was the next update where my order arrived at the FedEx HUB in Memphis, TN.

This is where things get interesting. My order had a delivery time of by 20:00 CST tonight, February 03, 2017. There was no departure update from Memphis and no arrival/out for delivery from the local FedEx HUB near me.

I get on the FedEx Facebook Page and send a message to them inquiring about the delay, at all the time knowing that, if my package was to be delivered by the scheduled time, it should have left Memphis a long time ago because between Memphis and Meridian is over 6 hours drive time. April, a customer service agent with FedEx responded asking for my delivery address and phone number. After a few minutes she returned asking for a description of the items in my order. I told her the contents of my order.

A few moments later, April replied back, “The shipment arrived at our Memphis hub empty which is why it has not moved… Can you give a better description of the items?” I sent a screen capture to her over Facebook Messenger of the Invoice from Amazon.

I then proceeded to get on the phone with Amazon about my mysteriously missing items. I told the customer service rep about the dilemma. She told me that she could refund the purchase price and shipping cost of my order. I am not one to steal from someone with a false claim of lost or damaged items. I told her that I’d rather FedEx find the items instead of a refund. The Amazon agent said she would contact FedEx and trace my order to attempt to locate my items. She exclaimed that Amazon won’t give out Customer information to 3rd parties and placed me on conference with FedEx where the new FedEx Rep needed my phone number. After giving my phone number to the FedEx Agent, they told me that they would contact me with any status updates.

The Amazon Agent insisted processing a refund and said that I could keep the items and contact Amazon if my order arrived or send the order back to Amazon. I replied that I would rather have my order so I wouldn’t be sending the items back to Amazon but I would call back with any news from FedEx or if I receive my order and reverse the refund for the latter.

I don’t know how someone could loose items from an Amazon Sealed shipment is beyond me unless someone goofed at the Baltimore HUB.

I’ll give an update in another post if I receive anymore information from FedEx or Amazon. In the mean time, cross your fingers. I’ll give FedEx until Tuesday then reorder everything with Overnight Shipping. They use UPS for that.