FedEx Lost Order Cont.

I ordered some items from Since I’m a Prime Member, I receive shipping free when I select 2nd day or 3 day shipping. I was expecting my items to come in on time but the shipment got stuck in Memphis and didn’t move even on the day of delivery.

When I called FedEx, they told me that the shipping box arrived at the Memphis Hub empty. If you have ordered anything from Amazon, they seal the box up pretty good with branded Amazon tape. None-the-less, my order was lost and my items wasn’t going to arrive on time.

So, I called Amazon Customer Service. I explained the situation to them. Amazon put me on conference with FedEx because Amazon doesn’t give out personal information, not even to shipping partners. FedEx asked me for my phone number so they can keep me updated on the progress of locating my items. Amazon Customer Service insisted on a refund when I just wanted my items. I finally accepted.

Amazon Customer Service also offered free overnight shipping after I found out anything from FedEx. Which I did. They said that none items could be recovered and they would reimburse Amazon since they paid for my free shipping.

I had to reorder the items, which a couple of them was more than the original price I paid, and was asked to make sure they were sold and shipped by Amazon. The agent told me that they couldn’t do anything about the price difference but did reimburse me for Overnight shipping after I had received the new order.

I highly recommend getting a prime membership which offers a lot more than just free and low cost overnight shipping! Amazon took care of me when I needed them and that’s the Excellent Customer Service they are known to provide.

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