Roofing A Shed

Recently I roofed a new shed I built. This article will help you determine the amount of shingles that is required on your roof.

Business Review – Pilot Travel Center #388 Meridian, MS

First impressions are everything.

Food In The Future

From concept to reality. Replicated food is on the way. Let’s take a look at 20 years in the culinary future.

The Era of the Angus is Over

McDonalds is discontinuing their range of Angus burgers and wraps.

‘Sub’ not the ‘way’ I wanted It!

Finding a good Subway restaurant is difficult, but I will not give up hope!

Let’s Break the Scale

Does the DOT know how to use Weigh in Motion? I don’t think so.

Mac Snack Wrap, A New Discovery for Me

Where was I when the Mac Snack Wrap was first released! It’s good and still available in some locations.

Summertime Barbecue Blast

Attend our Summertime Barbecue Blast benefiting Almost Home Animal Rescue.

Poems 2013/04/19

Poems that I thought up today while I had too much time on my hands. Some are a little colorful but I hope you enjoy!

Restaurant Review – Jolly’s Restaurant New Orleans, LA

Restaurant Review on Jolly’s Restaurant New Orleans, LA on Friday, April 12, 2013