Untitled Short Story – 2020/01/02


Five of us jump in the truck to go pick up a friend. As we roll up to a stop sign a red car comes turning in the road we’re on. Someone recognizes the car and rolls down the window to scream out. I didn’t think anything of it, because I was the designated driver and was in the zone.

The red car stops and five people jump out and start exchanging words with the passengers in my truck. Next thing I know I heard a shot and my anxiety goes from 0 to 50. By this time, my truck is surrounded. Someone says for me to drive. So without running over anyone, I pull into the main road and floor it.

Next thing I know, we were being pursued by the folks in the red car. They fly around us, stop in the road, and filed out into the road preventing me from going around. One guy pointed a pistol directly at the truck, and we all duck. The folks in the red car surround the truck again. Again, my anxiety rises 100%.

Between my passengers jumping out of the vehicle to defuse the situation, the guy with the gun banging on the top of the truck demanding that we get out of the van, and the screaming, my passengers get back in and hollar, “Drive”.

We proceed down the road and here comes the red car speeding up behind us. We get close to an intersection and amongst the confusion and panic in the truck, someone says turn around. I start to turn the truck around and the stink hits the fan again when people from the car run up to the vehicle. I heard shouting matches, knocking on the front, side, and back of the truck, and I looked up just long enough to see someone kick the back glass. My passengers were repeatedly asking them to stop beating on the truck, because I didn’t have anything to do with the drama unfolding.

The whole time, I’m sitting in the driver seat, feeling so small, trying to act like I didn’t even exist at the time. A couple people was climbing around in the truck trying to avoid folks on the outside. Next thing I knew, one of my passengers was laying across me with a girl from the red car on top of her, throwing punches. One guy standing outside my opened driver door antagonizing the girl throwing punches. This was when my anxiety went off the charts. It took what strength I could muster just to block myself from the action happening literally on top of me.

With all that was going on, I could see events playing out, multiple ways, simultaneously in my mind. Of course, I was still cowering in my seat, which was probably the best thing I did. Not. Saying. A. Word.

One of my passengers got back into the truck and asked me if I was okay. Shakedly, I replied, “Yes.” After gaining enough control of myself to drive and everyone else returning back to the vehicle they were originally in, I was told to drive and don’t stop until we got where we were going.

It didn’t take long until we arrived and I heard someone say that the red car was on its way there. I found me a place to sit down, psyched out, and watching the madness start to unfold, yet again.

This time, fortunately, no punches were thrown and everything slowly, settled down.

When I heard an “All Clear”, I took a few shots and watch as the room spun around.

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