The Best Roach Control for Homes

The most common roach infestation in the United States is from the German Cockroach. They are infinitely one of the hardest roaches to get rid of and are highly adaptable.

The German Cockroach can become immune to over-the-counter baits if they are used repetitively if they are your only form of control.

The best control is a regiment of cleaning. But, not by cleaning alone if you already have an infestation. I speak from experience when I say that you can get rid of German Roaches without the need to call a pest control company. I spent hundreds of dollars on regular monthly passive treatment from one of these well-known companies. They used gel bait and sprayed what they call a barrier directly on the outside of my house.

Every time the tech came to treat my house, not even a couple days later, all the minuscule amount of gel that was put out was gone, presumable eaten by the roaches. If there was no bait, how was it being effective?

Pest control companies are passive. Meaning, they want the pests to stay, that way they keep taking your hard earned money. How else are they going to stay in business? So, I fired my pest control company. I endeavored on a pest control plan of my own.