The Best Roach Control for Homes


If your cabinets doesn’t go all the way to the ceiling or has a gap between the top and the ceiling, start there.

Use a mask, spray, non-abrasive pad or rag. You want to spray any surface before you move any matter left by roaches. Trust me, you don’t want that stuff in the air especially if you have children or animals!

The next section to clean is inside the cabinets. Take all the dishes out, remove any contact paper that may be in there. The glue on the underside of the contact paper is like a desert for German Cockroaches. Scrub the corners and walls of the cabinets. This is highways for roaches and they hang out in the dark corners.

Clean the counter tops. You want to remove all the food particles from the counter top. This would be a great time to clean the underside of wall hanging cabinets also. Move appliances on the counter top and clean on top, in them, under them. Make sure you clean and dry your sink also.

Move your refrigerator and stove to clean behind, under, and the cabinet or wall beside them. The warmth of appliances and electrical patterns in the wires attracts roaches. Lets say, you pick up a coffee maker, shake it, and roach particles falls out the bottom. Throw it away. The never want to ingest roach feces! It can make you really sick.

Clean the inside of standing cabinets just the same then sweep and mop the floor. You don’t want to leave anything for roaches to eat. When you prepare food in your kitchen, you want to clean as you go. Don’t leave spills or cracker crumbs for roaches to drink and eat.

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