The Best Roach Control for Homes


Next comes treatment.

First thing’s first.

Make sure you read and understand the safety precautions included with any pesticide product that you purchase before use. Including noting the number for the Poison Control Center if needed.

The best roach bait I’ve come across is Advion Evolution Cockroach Gel Bait Insecticide and Optigard Cockroach Gel Bait Insecticide.

Advion and Optigard uses different Active Ingredients that is used as a roach attractant and insecticide. German Roaches will inherently become immune if you use gel bait with the same Active Ingredients over a period of time. The two gel bait products featured should not be applied at the same time and you want to alternate between the two every few days.

If you have usually used spray to kill roaches, do not use it around areas that you use gel bait. It will contaminate the bait and roaches will not eat it. The gel bait will become their food and water source. Spray products are usually used for occasional occurrences and can be used after you finish your treatment regiment.

Apply a pea size amount of the gel bait every 1 – 1½ feet in a staggered pattern where the counter top meets the backsplash, under counter top overhangs, and close to the floor. Inside the cabinets, you want to focus on corners. You can also apply the gel bait under the stove top if you have a stove with a top that lifts up. As well as in the vent behind the refrigerator.

You also want to apply the gel bait in the rest of your home where you have seen or see roaches. They will start in one area and move to other parts of your home to look for more room to grow their population.

You can purchase the gel bait from the links above or from other approved vendors.

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