I Passed My ServSafe Test

I just finished an amazing day! My day started out by waking up and going to take my ServSafe test. I have a friend that is a chef and gave her a call while I was on my way. I asked her for input about the format of the test and if any of the questions was worded confusingly, because I wanted to be prepared. There were 95 questions on the test and I had to score over 75 to pass. Well, guess what!?

I passed!

I never have taken that test before and yes, I passed! I didn’t have any doubt that I wouldn’t pass. Some people say, the older you get, the longer it takes to learn, even though, they also say that you’re never too old to learn. I absorbed the study material like a sponge.

My proctor said that he hasn’t seen anyone fly through it like I did. He’s seen other pupils take 3 hours to complete the test and I finished well under an hour from start to finish, including setting everything up at the location for me to take it.

I went to work later in the afternoon with a big smile on my face and a new found confidence. There was only 4 of us working a busy shift after one coworker was out sick and her fill-in was a no-show. Even through all of that we rocked the shift.

I told my RGM the other day that I wanted our restaurant recognized. My time and effort isn’t in vain. I’m there to help my RGM as well as get the store in tip-top shape!

I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!