Another Awesome Day at Work

Today was another great day at work. My RGM has been starting to give me a little room to grow on my own while being there for support if I need it.

We were busy again today. With someone still out sick, my coworkers and I was still able to plow through another busy shift with satisfied customers. I had my moments when I was a little flustered, but I managed to think back to my training and apply it.

My restaurant is easy to work at, even in my position. One only has to apply the training, be logical, and handle each situation with professionalism. What can go wrong, especially when I work with an exceptional group of colleagues!?

I really enjoy working at the restaurant. With time, I will be able to run a complete shift with a crew and my RGM can finally relax and know that when she puts me on the schedule, her requests and all of the company’s policies and procedures will be carried out to the fullest extent during my shift!

We’ve got a very busy day planned tomorrow at the restaurant. I think someone mentioning 90 people will be coming in after we open, for a gathering of some sort. I will have to really be on my toes and keep moving to help satisfy all of our guests as well as keep deliveries and carry outs moving at a steady pace.