A Day of Factual


Today, I was able to do what I set out to do. It wasn’t perfect by no means, but it definitely was a learning experience.

Today seemed like it passed so fast. I woke up and drove to work at Pizza Hut. I was there a few minutes before 9:00am this morning. I was a few minutes early and no one was there. No biggie. I already knew my RGM had the day off and I was going to be running the shift by myself.

Before I get into this, let me commend my team today. Without them, today could have turned out differently. My cook was pumping out food like a vending machine. Staying consistent, vigilant, and true to his title. I couldn’t have asked more from my awesome CSR. And my driver, he was fast on his feet and not in his seat getting food to hungry customers. Rightfully so, because it was drizzling rain mostly all day and I wanted to make sure he took the time needed to get from the restaurant to the customer and back.

Back to my day. It started out okay. I haven’t worked a Sunday before and asked how they normally were. My cook told me that it was usually slow. Let me tell you that we could use the term “usually” very loosely today!

Guests started piling in. We had two groups use the party room. The first was a church group I suppose. Everyone was paying their own ticket. And after getting their food to them, a couple said their food was cold and they weren’t going to pay the price of their ticket. No asking to remake their meal. Just trying to low ball us on the amount of their ticket. I had to come up with a solution that was in the best benefit of the customer and the restaurant. With help from the experienced cook, that had worked at the restaurant longer than me and had been cross trained, we were apparently able to satisfy the customer and still get paid for “most” of the items they ordered.

The second group was holding a birthday party. This time it went a whole lot smoother! We supplied them ice and a few glasses. Then it was time for them to order. It went like clockwork. The guest that ordered, paid, and I had the most contact with was ultimately the model customer. I checked on them multiple times during the couple hours they were there in case they needed anything.

Most of the customers in the dining room were serviced by my CSR, other than the few customer I waited on to back her up since she was busy. Most of the day I spent time boxing and dispatching orders.

With the influx of customers since our last grocery delivery, we started getting close to running out of some items. Not because of inaction by our RGM, but just an influx of the numbers of unexpected customers. There was no way to tell in advance that we would have ran out or been close to running out of items. Sure, our computer gives us suggestions on how much to order based on last year’s numbers, but it didn’t mean we would have the same sales this year.

The rest of the day was busy and passed quickly. Before I knew it, my relief had arrived and I was running around catching up on last minute details for orders to clear the screen before I handed off to her.

Ultimately, it was a very pleasant day. I actually surprised myself how I kept my composure and professionalism and greeted every guest, whether be in person or by phone, with pride. I can see myself growing in my current position.

Today was a good test of my character. Even though I didn’t pass with flying colors, I’d give myself a “B“. The fact is, never to give up. Regardless of what score I give myself, there is always room for improvement.

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