Improving My Performance


Tonight was quite better than a few other days I worked at the restaurant. Things ran a little more smoothly even though we were busy and actually had more diners midweek than on a weekend.

I basically managed every part of the shift surprisingly well. From the dining room, drive through, to WingStreet things went almost smooth as butter. We actually had enough people to cover the shift and each person had their role and duties to perform.

We had a new team member that helped and ran the dining room on their first day like a seasoned veteran. She picked up quickly and fit right in with her role as CSR.

We are still in the hiring faze and are slowly filtering through available applicants to fill vacant positions. If we had a full complement of team members, every day would run silky smooth and there wouldn’t be any hiccups.

We did have a couple complaints, the main thing to remember is the acronym that I learned in training, BLAST. A lot of other restaurants use this acronym or their own variant. It means, believe, listen, ask, satisfy, thank. The first part is to believe the customer has an issue before even hearing about it. That doesn’t mean to let someone take advantage of you, because there are customers out there that will. Such as those that will complain about an item received just to receive something free. I guess I was a little naive when it came to the first issue. I listened to the customer’s complaint and asked them to come back tomorrow and we would remake the item without asking them to bring back the old one to inspect.

The second issue was a little different than the first. Our mild sauce for the wings we sell is definitely a little hotter than normal. The customer said that the wrong sauce was put on the wings and they were too spicy for her child to eat. I can definitely relate. I like spicy food, but there are some sauces and food that I just can not eat because it is too hot, like Saracha. That stuff almost hurts to eat something with it added. Take the Subway post that I made years ago. It made the food terrible!

Everything ended up with the shift slowing down to a grind at the end of the night. I was letting people go home after their work was done and their area was clean. I ended the shift, as usual, with the closing day duties, as I had learned previously.

I wouldn’t mind a repeat of this day again. As long as we had the team members to cover the shift!

Before I left, my RGM had asked me to come by the restaurant tomorrow for a few minutes for a special assignment. It won’t take long, so I obliged. Other than that, I have tomorrow off. This is definitely a job that’s taking off.

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