Impending Inspection


Sunday was a pretty good day, up until the part where the RGM called and said that we were being inspected. I was at the top of my game even though I was a little panicky.

Sunday started out good. I got everything set up and took note of who was supposed to work and assigned them stations to best suit their training. We worked pretty well together. There were a couple extra co-workers who came in to help in the kitchen, do prep, and wash dishes. I backed my waitress in the dining room when she needed help with seating customers and bussed a few tables.

After lunch we weren’t so busy and I needed to send someone home. So I made the decision to send the waitress home. Boy, was that a mistake. Soon after diners started packing the dining room again. It seemed like before I was able to seat one table, another came in, and then another. At one time I was managing seven tables at once. I seated them, gave them menus, and asked for their drink orders. After preparing everyone’s drinks, I went back around systematically and got their food order. I managed to keep every order organized and delivered quickly after it came out of the oven.

My RGM called in the midst of me managing the dining room to tell me that inspectors was coming to the restaurant. They had already been by another restaurant and was expected to arrive. That’s when I went into panic mode, a little. My RGM asked who I had on the clock. When I told her that it was slow a moment ago and I let the waitress go home, she instructed me to get her back asap! I know I must have tried four or five times to call her, but the phone number we had didn’t work.

My next thought was to call the person in early who was suppose to work that evening. He came in about 30 minutes after. I need to work on updating everyone’s contact information in the backoffice in case we have to call someone in as a replacement or for extra help.

No sight of the inspectors, but it was a relief when my RGM arrived. She was able to fill me in on everything that I might have missed and other things to pass inspection. We all have to be in uniform, including a hat, shirt, and good personal hygiene. No drinking or eating in any food prep area and absolutely no mobile phones are allowed. Hand washing must be done properly! The food safety checklist has to be current and temperatures have to be within food safety limits. All the MRD labels have to be current starting with the cooler, prep room, make table, WingStreet, table, buckets, and if we have a buffet, the timers have to be current when food is placed. Veggie strainers have to be used at the make table. On WingStreet, the one use gloves have to be used when filling baskets for frying and the baskets cannot be filled over the fryer. No garbage is to be piled up at the back door and the mop bucket is to be emptied and kept outside when not in use. The dining room has to be clean and tables bussed after diners finished their meals. The walkways have to be free of clutter, swept, and mopped. There are no short cuts and the policies and procedures must be followed to assure food safety as well as a pleasant dining experience for diners.

I believe I covered everything, am knowledgeable enough now, and prepared to pass inspection if they arrive on my shift.

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