A Relentless Day

Today was very demanding! I was full speed ahead from the moment I stepped in the door at the restaurant. And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Today was amazing. I performed my duties like someone that’s been in the restaurant business for years! I waited on two big groups and a whole lot of diners. We had one group order 18 pizzas at one time, in one order, along with appetizers, drinks, and deserts.

Amongst the influx of diners, I really enjoyed working the dining room. I guess I was supposed to be the manager in charge, but thankfully, my RGM was scheduled to work tonight. I don’t know what I would have done if she wasn’t there to back me up while I was running around.

We had an awesome team tonight! We nailed dinner service. I only had to ask for a couple items to be remade. One person wanted a BBQ Pizza, but exclaimed they wanted BBQ Sauce instead of Pizza Sauce and the other was a Person Pan that was mixed up with another order.

All in all, today was great! I didn’t have any customer complaints and they were more than generous with tips! It makes me happy that I excelled at my job and my customers acknowledged it. I would have been just as pleased if they would complete the store survey when things are good as well as when something is wrong.

I was able to get a little training in before we closed. Like end of day tasks and so on. My RGM is a great teacher, if I would ever slow down and thoroughly listen. I have a habit of agreeing before she’s finished speaking, with okays and alright. I guess I’ve always been like that, but never had been called out about it until now. My RGM makes me slow down sometimes because she sees how eager I am to get the job done.

I have to work again tomorrow night and Sunday, but am off Monday and Tuesday. I’m not sure about Wednesday because the new schedule comes out then. But I’ll be sure to blog about my night tomorrow.

Until then, don’t give up on your dream. Regardless of what other people think about it. One day, you will succeed if you slow down, persevere, and focus on the small details that leads to your success! I know I have, and you can too.