Success Waiting Tables

I enjoyed my day at work today! I waited tables all day and worked the drive thru a little. Best of all is seeing all the happy customers!

I had an awesome work day! Regardless that someone not coming in to work, the manager in charge appointed me as server as he took care of the buffet and salad bar and even helped serve a few customers. We had over 65 actual orders by 4:00 P.M. There was people dining in the main dining room and the party room as well.

Everyone was served in a timely fashion. I served new customers their drinks and gave them a couple minutes to look over the menu which also gave me a couple minutes to serve and cash tickets.

I had no complaints from the dining room today. However, something was going on with online ordering today. People were ordering and receiving confirmation, but their order was not showing up in our system. One customer wanted their order and replaced it at the restaurant. Another wasn’t so happy and just left because their order wasn’t ready when they arrived. We have three different ways to verify an order, by name, phone number, and searching history from a customer’s phone number. Both times no recent order was placed that came to our store.

I hope those customers give us another chance in the future to serve them. This instance wasn’t our fault since we have no control over online ordering and it’s automated.

Granted, it was busy, but not busy enough in the long run for a fourth employee. Other than the online ordering issue, today was great and so was the tips! I can’t wait until tomorrow evening when I return to work. Maybe tomorrow will be just as busy and pass just as quickly as yesterday and today did.