A Statement I Do Not Understand

Hi guys. I figure I’d write this short post about my day and a statement my RGM made before I head off to dream land.

First off, my day was quite a blur. I get to work at 2:00pm and get to work on an assignment my RGM asked me to do. Absolutely, no problem. While talking on the phone with her to get some of the details straight, she makes a statement about someone in HR. You won’t believe what my RGM told me this HR person said.

Now I know this is only hearsay because I’m telling you what my RGM said, that someone else exclaimed to her. As you know, if you follow me on Facebook, you already know what was said. But if you don’t, I’m about to tell you, after I set the stage.

Before I started at my new job, I wanted to learn as much as I can, as fast as I can, and be through. So I set off on a quest to watch and do every interactive training video (some started to error out after completing near 50%), read every pdf available, and learn all I can to succeed in my role at the restaurant. I even successfully completed ServSafe training and got 90% on the ServSafe test, which means I passed. With all of that done, I’m trying to settle into my position and apply what I have learned before trying to learn anymore.

Back to today. As I was talking to my RGM, she told me this person, who is supposedly in charge of the training bit for the restaurant, was angry that I completed more than the average employee. I was dumbfounded!

I can not believe that anyone who is in a position of management would be ill because an employee was trying to better themselves by learning. You would expect management would be happy that you are a “star” employee. This may seem like a gripe, but, what am I to think if this person is angry at for a simple thing as completing and passing more training than necessary. In the same telephone conversation, my RGM directed me not to get “too far ahead”. Again, I was surprised. Sure, some of it may not apply to me currently, but what about in the future?

I completed all the online training I was supposed to, what could it hurt for me to learn a little more? What’s going to happen if I enroll in the college opportunity given to me through the company? I’m at a loss for words. Why would anyone hold someone back who’s willing to learn? Besides, by now they should know, when I go for something, I’m going to accomplish my goal.

The rest of my day was outstanding! I completed the assignment my RGM asked me to and kept busy the rest of the shift. I wasn’t the manager in charge nor scheduled to work, but asked to take someone’s place who called in. My RGM is intuitive enough to know that if she needs me to do something, like fill in for someone or complete a managerial task, she can count on me getting it done!

I completed prep, worked the drive thru, answered phones, and cleaned. Before I knew it, 2pm turned into 7:30pm. I had already been there over 5 hours and didn’t realize it. The manager in charge asked me if I was through with my duties and if so, clean my work area and I could leave. What a filling day today was!

I can’t wait until tomorrow when I return to work. I’m already ready to improve and refine my skills since I’m in charge tomorrow. I’m sure we’ll knock our shift out of the park if we work together!

Have you ever had a manager or teacher ever try to hold you back and prevent you from learning or advancing in school or a job? If so, I am waiting to hear from you! Comment below, and remember, never stop learning!