Server Issues 2019•06•05

Hosting for my blog has been up and down for the past week. Reporting it to my host gets me nowhere. Have you ever had a service interruption from a web host?

Success Waiting Tables

I enjoyed my day at work today! I waited tables all day and worked the drive thru a little. Best of all is seeing all the happy customers! I had an awesome work day! Regardless that someone not coming in to work, the manager in charge appointed me as server as he took care of …

Under Construction

Four Work Days into a New Job

Last night at Pizza Hut was busy and I loved it! It was definitely a time to apply the training I received.

Thanks for Subscribing

Thanks for Subscribing!

Simple Shopping Cart for Clover Integration

SSC is a Clover integrated shopping cart that enables merchants to display their products on their website.

German Cockroaches (Blattella Germanica) Finally Defeated

I have finally defeated my most aggressive adversary, the German Cockroach. Well, for the most part.

My Ongoing Battle with German Cockroaches

I’ve tried battling these prolific pests in the past myself and even called in Terminix with no luck of ridding these pests. This time, I have a new battle plan

Should Public Schools Charge Tuition

Instead of School Tax forced on everyone regardless if they have children, School Tax should be turned into Tuition and paid directly to the school.

Why I Started a Blog

I wanted an online platform that is completely open that enables me to share news, reviews, and personal opinions.