Simple Shopping Cart for Clover Integration

I have been busy with a new project, creating a Shopping Cart that integrates directly with a Clover merchant’s product database and point of sale.

This new product will expand a merchant’s reach and put products right at the fingertips of potential customers online. With the ability to hide categories and items that cannot be sold online and streamlined checkout flow through your Clover Point of Sale or any other payment processor you can move your business beyond the rest with SSC.

Manual integration is required at this time. If you are a Clover merchant and are interested in listing your products on your website, this is the solution for you.

SSC is in it’s infancy but I do have a screenshot of the user interface.

Simple Shopping Cart for Clover screenshot

SSC is being built from the ground up using CSS and jQuery for graphical and PHP for the heavy lifting. Why use a cart that is a bandwidth hog like CubeCart, Magento, or OpenCart? All product information is saved in your Clover system. Any changes to an item’s information is available in “real time” in SSC.

Unlike other carts, this cart has images that are associated with the item listed. The images are cached from various sources and can be changed through the Admin Panel. If you add a new item in your Point of Sale or through the Admin Panel, chances are there is an image available for that product. If not, you can always upload one to take the place of the stock image.

If you are interested and would like to use SSC. Please contact me through the comment section below. Refrain from typing in any sensitive information in the comment box because it is public.

As a merchant, what would you like to see as a feature of SSC?


  • User Interface
  • Administration Panel
  • Checkout Flow
  • Additional Processor Integration
  • Feature Requests