German Cockroaches (Blattella Germanica) Finally Defeated

The war started in early April 2018 and continued every other day for almost four weeks. Slowly seeing less and less of the army of German Cockroaches that had invaded my house until I only occasionally see nymphs scurrying around under the hinge cover on the refrigerator.

I am obsessive compulsive and it really helped me and paid off during my battles with these pests. There are still a lot of cleanup to do from a few years of damage by means of dirt, grime, and buildup of excrement around their many hiding places.

Obviously there were a few egg bearing adults hiding out deep inside the coils of the refrigerator and in the insulation of the water heater that hatched nymphs after I quit seeing adults scurrying around on the counter tops. I will continue to bait around where the nymphs were found in order to exterminate them before they can molt.

Lysol sanitizing wipes and vacuuming is a must when it comes to these pests! If you have contact paper in your cabinets, take it out, scrape it out, scrub it out. When you finish, get some easy grip liner, clean with Lysol and a plastic scrubber, then cut and fit the easy liner to cover the shelves of your cabinets. That way the cockroaches doesn’t have anywhere to hide, the easy grip liner has holes in it, and after you bait, you can see where the roaches have died and can clean them out easier instead of having to rip the whole liner out again.

One place you wouldn’t think of checking for these pests is where your refrigerator filter is. Especially if your filter is located under the door in the front grill. You have to remember that these pests love warm places. This area is a prime example of a warm place as well as a water source. The cold water going through the filter and the warmth of the refrigerator motor blowing over it makes condensation form in that area. Take the filter out and shine a flashlight into where the filter goes. Make sure that you clean that area extensively if you find roaches nested there.

I still check each cabinet every day. When I re-bait the area, I clean the old bait off because, although, even though it still works, the old bait is less effective than any that is newly applied, and it keeps the cabinets and areas clean instead of letting the bait cake up when I apply new bait in the same areas.

All I can say is, be vigilant and consistent! Exterminators are no good because they are lax. They visit once a month. As long as you have a problem, they keep getting paid. That’s the way exterminator contracts works.

You can rid your house of these pests without calling any exterminators. Take my word from experience with dealing with German Cockroaches.

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