Dirt Cheap (Philadelphia, MS) – Review

It has certainly been a while since I’ve been to the Dirt Cheap store in Philadelphia, MS.

As most of these stores, departments lack any structure whatsoever after the employees stocks merchandise and a horde of customers picks over items.

This location used to carry power tools and lawn equipment, but since the restructuring of the company, and the model of this store changed from Hudson’s Treasure Hunt to Dirt Cheap, I quit visiting this store since this it quit carrying such items as much.

I walked and browsed around the store today and nothing caught my eye until I came across the electronics section. There was a customer trying out an electric saw and there was two employees helping him. I stood there waiting my turn for help. Not one employee standing there offered help or said they’ll help me in a minute after they where through. When the customer was satisfied and the employees finished helping him, it was as I didn’t exist. The employees disappeared just like I wasn’t even standing there. No one asked me if I needed any help or wanted to look at an item.

I won’t be returning to this store any time soon. If this is the way employees are trained, help one customer and ignore anyone else, I hope anyone else who reads this won’t either.