Four Work Days into a New Job

I landed a new job at my local, one and only, Pizza Hut. I say, “one and only,” because it’s the only one in the town I live by. For all my Clover customers out there, I haven’t forgotten about you! I’m steadily working on improving Inventory Mobile.

Anyways. As I was saying… I love the job. I have picked up on things so quickly that your head would spin. Almost like, I was a natural. Maybe in a past life I worked at Pizza Hut or somewhere similar or maybe it was because of the 180+ training videos I completed in my spare time. More on those in a moment. I’ve ran the drive-thru, WingStreet, answered the phone, and cut pizzas. The only things I haven’t done yet is work the maketable, prep, deliver, or run the front of house. Which the way it looks, I’m will be assigned that soon.

My fellow co-workers are wonderful! They have a good sense of humor and a great attitude. Especially, the night of Super Bowl.

On that night, slow definitely isn’t a word I would ever use to describe it. No matter how hectic it got, we all managed to team together and get through it. A few customers were upset because their food wasn’t ready when they arrived for pick-up and items had to be remade for a few orders because they disappeared. I’m definitely not saying that I could have done better on any other station where there was more experienced team members. That’s why they were assigned there.

I felt a little sympathetic to how other team members was coping with the influx of orders.

However, I was assigned my station, drive-thru. Between drive-thru, working WingStreet (when others were working elsewhere), answering phones, and folding boxes, my night was filled with things to do.

When I spoke to my manager, I told her that I wished I could have done more but there is only one of me. She reassured me that I’m going a great job when I’m there.

All the training I completed really came in handy the other night. I completed everything that I could which includes some things that wasn’t necessary, but helped a lot. I even did well on the ServSafe course and can’t wait to take the test and get my certification. ServSafe will help no matter what I do in the future that involves food. And there’s more that I can learn through a program called, Life Unboxed EDU. It’s like a scholarship through Pizza Hut to further my education.

It’s going to take time to learn everything I can about the business and maybe one day, my eagerness and abilities will be acknowledged by the company. In the meantime, I can’t wait until I work again to see what other skills I learned from all the training that I can apply and what new skills I will learn from my coworkers.