Top Super Mario Maker YouTube Streamers to Watch in 2019


In late 2017, I published My Top SMM YT Streamers and here it is two years later and the YouTube scene has changed dramatically. From policy changes that govern monetization to fraudulent Copywrite claims, many streamers has moved off of the platform to seemingly greener pastures.

Without further adieu, here are my picks for Top Super Mario Maker YouTube Streamers in 2019.

Channel Name:
Joined: October 8, 2015

FOGZ has been one of my go to family friendly channels. The gamers includes, Jenn, JC, Julio, and Solimar as their YouTube banner suggests. The FOGZ channel is perfect if you are young and are interested in Super Mario Maker and enjoys their antics behind the scenes. They are active with both their Spanish and English speaking audience. Together they make up a formidable group of SMM players. Did I mention this channel is family friendly?

At the time of this post, familyofgamerz has almost 493K views and 2.7K subscribers.

Connect with familyofgamerz:

Channel Name: Blue Television Games
Joined: September 3, 2015

This streamer is one of the more unique in the Mario genre. Blue has been playing a coop ROM hack lately. He’s the first that I’ve known to invite another streamer to play a Mario game with in his video. If you like Mario games you will definitely get your fill from Blue Television Games! I do.

At the time of this post, Blue Television Games has over 54.6M views and over 133K subscribers.

Connect with Blue Television Games:

Channel Name: Nintendo Addict
Joined: July 18, 2007

Nintendo Addict is exactly the condition his name expresses. He’s a Nintendo addict. He plays heaps of SMM levels, the newly released Tetris 99, Final Fantasy, and other Mario related games. He’s a beast when it comes to Tetris 99! His streams and videos are laid back and features a calmer atmosphere when it comes to SMM.

At the time of this post, Nintendo Addict has almost 600K views and almost 7K subscribers.

Connect with Nintendo Addict:

Channel Name: JL Nightmare
Joined: October 29, 2016

JL is an up and comer in the Mario genre. He is engaging with his viewers and his channel is filled with SMM streams. I have recently tuned in and have enjoyed watching his streams. He pretty relaxed until it comes to troll and precise levels, but I don’t blame him. They are everywhere! So, whither it’s playing SMM or rocking out with some tunes, JL’s channel is definitely the place to be.

At the time of this post, JL has over 478K views and 4.8K subscribers.

Connect with JL Nightmare:

Channel Name: Oshikorosu
Joined: April 5, 2014

Oshikorosu is definitely one of the best SMM streamers still on YouTube. He put time into his videos when he plays a level and explains the tricks as he plays the game. Oshi is also a SMW ROM hack creator and plays other people’s ROM hacks. This streamer is almost the best as they come with his audience and replies to questions of the day, asked by his viewers, in each video. I haven’t noticed him streaming much, if any, and he normally records and upload videos of himself playing SMM or other Mario related content.

At the time of this post, Oshi has over 3.1M views and almost 28K subscribers.

Connect with Oshikorosu:
YouTube – FacebookTwitterTwitchDiscord

Channel Name: ryukahr
Joined: September 10, 2006

Ryu is a great streamer in my book and is one of the first SMM streamers I subbed to. He is into platforming and kaizo stages and doesn’t give up on a stage unless is it pure garbage. Ryu also plays many other games including regular SNES games and Super Mario World ROM hacks.

At the time of this post, Ryu has over 117M views and over 413K subscribers.

Connect with ryukahr:
YouTube – Twitch – Discord – TwitterInstagramStreamlabs

Channel Name: DashieGames
Joined: September 13, 2011

Dashie is still up to his old tricks as well as some new ones. In the span of two years of being a subscriber, he is still raging in troll levels, using an exuberant amount of cut scenes, and has taken his “meters” to new and more annoying heights. He is still at the bottom of my list of Super Mario Maker streamers because of this. I do drop by from time to time to watch his videos, but leave almost as soon as I start watching. If I wanted memes and popups in videos, I’d go to Facebook. But if you’re into his type of comedy, he’s the one for you!

At the time of this post, Dashie has over 1.9B views and over 4.7M subscribers.

Connect with Dashie:
YouTube – Facebook – Twitter

Honorable Mentions

While all of these streamers are great in their own way, they make up only a small part of all of the streamers that create Super Mario Maker videos on YouTube. Some are more enjoyable than others but these are just I few like watching. I think you will too.

If you have a favorite SMM YouTube streamer, why not let me know. Comment below and share this post.

*Channel images are the property of the channel owners, respectively.

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