New Version of Technic Launcher Available, Website Down, Other Problems

Technic released their new version of Technic Launcher is available today, December 25th. However, if you are new to Minecraft as well as Technic, you might be discouraged when you try and register on the website and receive the following message.

Website is offline | 504 Gateway time-out
Website is offline | 502 Bad Gateway

This is not exactly what I expected when they released the new version. Seems to be a problem with CloudFlare and the decision for to use this service. CloudFlare advertises to “Supercharge your website.” Obviously, this is not the case in this instance. Instead, it is sincerely discouraging to say the least.

The new version of TechnicLauncher is effected too. I’m also having issues downloading modpacks now that they have integrated searching for modpacks into the launcher. The website still gives the URL to download the different modpacks but what good are they if the launcher doesn’t accept them? When I try to search for a modpack, the search column stays blank. So, searching capabilities within the launcher are also effected.

This could really be the worst time of the year to launch a new version and screw up their website in the process.

A player can’t even report the issue because their “Contact Us” page is also not completed with the contact information for even a web form.

So, my message to is, “Git Ur Crap Together!”

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