What I hate about Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

I purchased Call of Duty Advanced Warfare for PC from BestBuy the day after it came out because a friend of mine got the PS3 version of the game. I’ve never been any good with first-person shooter games on consoles but I wanted to try my hand with the PC version. What a mistake I made. Not because it was for PC but the game in general.

First of all. I was pretty good completing story mode not once but trice and it wasn’t on “Easy mode” either. But when it comes to the Multiplayer side of the game. I have encountered nothing but Level 50 players when I want to play and I might get 1 kill by chance. I can spawn into the multiplayer game but I am killed with the few seconds after spawning.

I would like to see some support for new players just starting out. The Multiplayer games are matched at random with other players no matter what their prestige is. It’s nothing but a joke. I play better in Combat Readiness than in any of the real Multiplayer games. I know that this sounds like a broken record but I think there should be servers for gamers that is not familiar with CoD AW or any of the other variants of CoD. I also believe that matching should be a lot closer to a gamer’s level instead of a bunch level 50 gamer vs a level 24 gamer, like myself. It makes no since why this game is so “advanced” but there are things that the creators could have done differently and could change.

If I could rewind and go back to the time I purchased this game, I wouldn’t have bought it. It would have been money saved that I spent on this game. Don’t get me wrong. The game is fair to me, as far as game play. But put me in a Multiplayer game and it goes to crap, fast! This game is definitely not catered to help start Newbies out. It’s geared up for players that are too OP for newbies to stand a chance.

Would I purchased this game again? Absolutely, positively, 150%, NO!


  • Unfair Multiplayer Matching
  • Auto-aim doesn’t work (at least it doesn’t for me)
    I know that it’s not true auto-aim, like a cheat would do. It’s more like, get my crosshairs in the general direction of the target. But it doesn’t even do that. For me targeting sucked in general!
  • There wasn’t a trial available before purchase.
  • It costed too darn much for the Day Zero Edition.


  • Graphics are great.
  • You have the ability to use a controller or keyboard and mouse.

I know there will be trolls that will come across this and eat me alive in the comment section. Eat away because I can level the playing field!

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