Sympathy for the Loss of My Uncle Curtis


Words cannot express the deep sympathy that was felt this past Saturday when my Uncle, Curtis, was found laying in the floor. We missed him that morning because he usually walked up to our house every morning and then him and his sister, my mom, would go to town and visit with friends.

The conversations we’ve had, and the memories we’ve made will be remembered. My mom has been effected the most by this tragic event because her and Curtis was close. They were almost inseparable since he moved to Philadelphia, MS 20 years ago and made the Bethsaida Community his home.

We still expect him to walk through the door but we know he’s gone. His fight is over. The battle has been won. He has gone to another place with no more suffering.

Curtis lived his life to the fullest of his ability and now, he remains with us in photos and memories.

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