Tyson Shipping Lying Sack of…

Tyson shipping personnel has lied to me for the last time. If you’re not a Tyson employeed driver, they don’t give a crap.

Uber in Jackson MS

Get up to speed on Uber, in Jackson, Mississippi. Rules to follow at the airport. Some hot-spots around Jackson to grab a fare.

Snack Box MHP

Speeding MHP Officer by chance confronted about speeding.

Independence Day Weekend and Following Uber Earnings

I cleaned up both weekends compared to previous weeks driving for Uber in Jackson, MS.

Motivated to be Ingorant

Discussion with the log department and O.M.G. my fuel card worked without having to call to get it turned back on!

RideShare Equals Better Transportation Minus Taxicabs

Cab companies continue to cause problems across the continent for all rideshare companies.

My Frugal Attempt in Obtaining Rideshare Insurance in Mississippi

Through multiple attempts by calling multiple Insurance providers, speaking with underwriters and agents, and emailing even the Mississippi Insurance Department

Full Coverage Personal Insurance for Ride-share Drivers

Full Coverage Personal Insurance without fear of policy being cancelled for driving for Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, etc.

Taxicabs, Antiquated Transportation and Rideshare Insurance

The antiquated taxi, rideshare, and driver insurance coverage. All three are top subjects since rideshare services are catching slack from state and local gover

Temporarily Restricted on Facebook

I’m one of the many that didn’t dodge the invisible bullet of getting restricted from using Facebook features.